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Badger - Automate Ready

With Badger we provide you with a retrofit solution that integrates your machines that are not state of the art into your system network.

Tessitura Badger Automation Software

Badger makes old machines intelligent.

Many printers have older machines in use in production, which certainly have their raison d'ĂȘtre. Often, however, these units do not have the ability to send or receive information.

With Badger we provide you with a retrofit solution that makes your older existing installations connectable by using our solution. Badger uses flexibly deployable sensors to realise counters and speed detection. Badger is based on a power-saving industrial appliance based on Raspberry/Arduino. Data collected with Badger is directly linked to your product or order information and fed into the Lynx infrastructure returned. There, they can be flexibly integrated into other processes or processed for further evaluation.

Tessitura Badger Printing Software

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Badger Benefits

With Badger you make your old machines connectable.

Investment protection

Badger upgrading your machines keeps them usable for longer. Lack of reporting capabilities is no longer a reason for expensive new purchases.

Shortened communication channels

With Badger, you shorten communication paths and reduce the number of requests to the machine operator for production status.

More efficient production data acquisition

Use the functions for automatic and tamper-proof PDA for older machine types.

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