Tessitura Pike Cloud Interface

As a cloud system, Pike forms the bridge to interaction with other platforms or system landscapes.


Tessitura Siskin Planning Software

Siskin is our front end for your production environment and thus digitally maps the orders to be produced in the planned sequence on the respective machine. This way you keep the complete overview.


Tessitura Mink Software Prepress

Automate your prepress processes with Mink.


Tessitura Lynx Process Automation Software

Our middleware provides your production environment with a new and powerful operating system.


Tessitura Badger Automation Software

With Badger, we provide you with a retrofit solution that integrates your machines that are not state of the art into your system network.


Tessitura Racoon

With Raccoon, you have a real-time view of machine data of any type in the production chain.