Retrofitting in printing and finishing.

SOLUTIONS Retrofitting in der Druck- und Weiterverarbeitung. Aktueller Trend? Was ist Retrofitting, was hat das ganze mit Nachhaltigkeit zutun und wie kann ich damit meinen Turnschuhworkflow in den Griff bekommen? In diesem Artikel beschäftigen wir uns genau mit diesen Fragen. Die Druck- und Medienindustrie befindet sich in einem stetigen Wandel, angetrieben von technologischen Fortschritten und […]

Funding opportunities for the digital transformation in your company

Funding opportunities for the digital transformation

The digital transformation has long since found its way into the printing industry and also offers many opportunities for your company to remain competitive. In order to position your company well for the future, it is important to find out about funding opportunities and receive support in the implementation of digitalisation projects.

The art of procrastination: Procrastination


Procrastination is the scientific name for the behaviour of a person who does not complete important decisions and activities promptly, but postpones them until the future. We all like to do this from time to time, but procrastination is particularly problematic in professional life.

How do we deal with stress?

What strategies help us deal with stress in the 21st century? In this article we present the Lazarus stress model and, based on it, three ways of coping with stress.

Change in the company


Anyone who has ever tried to implement a change in a company knows the phenomenon: as soon as it is announced that something is to change, a front of rejection forms in the workforce. We explain why it is quite normal to react to change with rejection, resistance or flight.