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Lynx- Process Automation

With our middleware Lynx we provide your production environment with a new and powerful operating system that supports your process automation.

Tessitura Lynx Process Automation Software

Lynx as an intelligent networking system

Lynx is centrally anchored in your production environment as a manufacturer-independent middleware and forms the infrastructure for all Odeon Applications. Lynx intelligently connects your machine controls and software applications and translates the respective system language into our own internal object standard. From there, Lynx maps the expected target language of the connected systems to realise uniform communication between machine, software and human within your production environment.

Lynx is able to generate, retrieve and store the information you need for specific operations itself. With current cloud technologies, this provides you with a scalable message bus system that transports very large amounts of data in the shortest possible time and ensures barrier-free communication.

Lynx is the new operating system for your production, to which all other Odeon modules are connected.

Application examples


Lynx Benefits

Benefit from the advantages of our middleware Lynx. 

Process automation

Through the exchange of cross-system information that we can consciously enrich, change or store, we form the basis for automated processes.


With Lynx as your production middleware, the integration of new machines or software applications is made possible. Your network is easily expanded via the corresponding workers.


With our own internal object standard, we enable networking based on a uniform language without dialect formation.


We connect all machine controls and software applications with our workers. The prerequisite is that the source system is technically capable of this and the manufacturer enables a connection. We strive for good partner management in order to constantly expand our worker portfolio.

Flexibility through modern technology

Lynx can be operated in the cloud but also on your premises. In the case of several locations, mixed operation is also possible, depending on requirements.

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