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Mink -
Production Pal

Mink is the module for the automation of your prepress processes and accompanies your production.

Tessitura Mink Software Prepress

Mink simplifies prepress processes

Mink is the software solution for processing print jobs in prepress. Connected to Lynx Mink offers full configuration options as a production companion and simplifies processes by reducing manual intervention to a minimum. New orders can thus be imported automatically from an MIS or created manually.

Mink provides product and production editors to extend and enrich the data imported from the MIS, or to generate it completely on your own. Mink also creates a clean folder structure for all production data. The data is named and stored in a clearly identifiable way. It can be made available to automated data processing systems.

Tessitura Mink Printing Software

Application examples


Mink Benefits

With Mink, you have your prepress processes firmly under control.

Everything in view

Keep a comprehensive overview of the status of jobs currently being processed in your prepress department.

Simplification of prepress processes

Simplify your processes by automating preflight and colour checks and simplifying the assignment of print data to job data.

Take advantage of the many possibilities

Orders created in the MIS with order data are often modified in the pre-press stage and provided with relevant information. In Mink, you have the option of adding this information directly to the order via the front end.

Useful editors facilitate the activities

Have spine thicknesses calculated automatically and position finishing shapes precisely in the Lightdesk.

Increase in production reliability

The diverse audit routines show you pitfalls in good time so that you do not start production flying blind and can still take action early enough.

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