Performance Coaching

We make you fit for the future.

What is your strategy for the future? Does your team know the direction and work together towards this goal? Are the new processes trained and efficient? Is everyone in the same boat?

With our performance coaching, we improve your corporate fitness and accompany you in your changes. So the future can come quietly.

Tessitura Performance Coaching

Increase the efficiency of your production.

We sustainably increase the efficiency of your production processes - and thus your overall performance. We see increased efficiency as a natural consequence of removing obstacles that become entrenched in everyday processes, for example. With our workflow system ODEON and our Process consulting we have an outside perspective and the right tools on board to make your company fit for the future.

Less is more - for a sustainable increase in performance.

Reducing waste is a maxim in lean management. In addition to the reduction of material waste, as in waste reduction, the waste of time is also a factor to be considered.

Optimising makeready times, for example, is not only relevant on the press. It is often overlooked or not considered on other presses.

In order to sustainably increase your performance, we therefore consider a basic Consideration of workplace and process organisation This is essential for us to identify and optimise processes, structures and habits that eat up resources.

We support this optimisation through suitable Software solutionsthat create transparency in the sense of a Visual Factory.

Performance Coaching Team Tessitura

Performance improvement is a team thing.

Performance is not exclusively a question of machine performance, but, in addition to a transparent information situation, also always depends on how well the employees are trained in various positions at their workplace. Attention to employee flexibility and training according to the "train the trainer" principle contributes to a significant increase in the flexibility of the company and also to the satisfaction of your team.

Therefore, our coaching does not only focus on the use of software, but advises you holistically.

Stephan Eckner has been working for many years on increasing efficiency and optimising production processes in printing companies.

He draws on the management styles and schools of thought of Lean Management, Kaizen, Six Sigma as well as Total Quality Management and the Toyota Production System.

Just talk to him personally about how he and the Tessitura team can support you.

bridging together

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Develop, learn together.

Workshops serve to enable a group to deal more intensively with a specific topic. The aim is to jointly develop measures for the future, which are then implemented in everyday work.