In the beginning was the process.

We take care of your processes. In doing so, we make sure to automate manual steps and reduce walking distances so that your employees can concentrate on the essentials.

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The problem of digitalisation: outdated processes in the printing industry

In addition to the well-known problems of the print and media industry such as price wars, declining print runs, a shortage of skilled workers and rising raw material prices - to name but a few - people often continue to rely on numerous outdated processes that are no longer up to date. But increasingly printers are realising that they are no longer well positioned for the future in this way. But where to start? Buzzwords like digitalisation, automation and change management are more present than ever and can quickly overwhelm. Which path is the right one for your company and which steps are necessary to approach the topics step by step, we work out together.

You will find more information on problems and solutions in our FAQ or the Solution Blog.

No process optimisation without analysis

Our 20-Keys-Test offers a quick and initial overview. In a meeting on your premises and as part of a round trip, we take a close look at the 20 most important factors of your everyday workflows and processes. Afterwards, we discuss the evaluation with you and work out in which areas you are already well positioned and where there is still potential for optimisation.

Tessitura Workshop

You know your process problems. And now?

You have already dealt with the necessary topics of the future and know where you want to go? Our project design in workshop format with one of our experts brings clarity. Here we draw up the new process with you, identify all the employees and systems involved and plan the implementation with you in a joint workshop. We accompany you through the change and of course involve your employees.
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