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Raccoon - Record and Control

Raccoon is a real-time monitoring system for machine data of any type in the production chain. In order to regularly evaluate production, this data is stored in a database and used to create reports. 

Raccoon at the heart of your print shop

In ongoing print shop operations, an overview of all production processes is essential. Raccoon provides a central overview of machine data and jobs with status information that is displayed in real-time in diagrams. Users can check current machine data such as speed, utilisation, finished sheets, but also information on availability and error messages of a specific machine at any time without having to leave their workstations.

New machines are easy to set up and the inventory is easy to manage. Freely configurable overviews of machine parks or locations provide an overall impression of the operation. This data is also ideal for creating production reports and controlling reports afterwards. 

Manufacturer-independent and suitable for retrofitting network-incompatible machines, Raccoon unfolds its full potential in heterogeneous machine parks, especially in combination with our product Badger.

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Raccoon Benefits

Take advantage of comprehensive real-time monitoring with Raccoon.

Numbers, data, facts

Raccoon provides reliable figures about your production processes. This facilitates decision-making and resource planning.


Raccoon is manufacturer-independent and thus offers maximum flexibility - even in heterogeneous machine parks. In combination with Badger, Raccoon is also suitable for retrofitting machines that are not network-compatible.

Data storage

All data recorded in the Raccoon is permanently stored. Subsequent reporting is thus child's play.

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