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Siskin supports the machine operator. The jobs to be produced are mapped in the planned sequence. Jobs can be exchanged - without time-consuming arrangements. PDA data is generated and returned to your MIS.

Tessitura Siskin Planning Software

Siskin - the front end for your machinery

Many printing plants lack a transparent, distributed planning system; planning there is still analogue or via Excel.

What is needed is a flexible browner-based planning board for all work steps on the machines, but also for external or manual processes. Exactly here comes SiskinOur production frontend for the printing industry comes into play with Siskin. Via Siskin, all planning steps are derived from the job data stored in the Lynx imported from the MIS.

All scheduled jobs can be mapped in Siskin. The operator can add pending jobs to the machine queue at his machine via the front end by drag and drop. In addition, he gets a complete overview of the jobs of his shift and beyond. Prioritisations can be reacted to spontaneously through convenient management functions.

Tessitura Siskin Printing Software

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Siskin Benefits

Digitally map the orders to be produced in the planned sequence on your machine.

Reduce walking distances

Thanks to the central overview of the available resources, jobs can be moved flexibly and quickly to other lines. Since the order is removed from the previous line and assigned to the new one in real time, no personal consultation with the machine operators is necessary.

Identify bottlenecks

The length of the worklist and the resulting production and throughput extrapolation makes bottlenecks visible at an early stage. In this way, delays can be avoided.

Intuitive operation through comfortable UI

Siskin's browser-based user interface is optimised for tablets and enables intuitive operation without much training.

Distributed information in real time

With Siskin you keep the (overall) overview: The status of the entire process chain of an order can be viewed at any time via the front end.

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