Develop, learn, collaborate.

In our workshops, we deal more intensively with a specific topic as a group. The aim is to jointly develop measures for the future that can be implemented in everyday work.


A workshop, a working group.

A workshop offers you the ideal opportunity to work with your staff on a specific topic. The aim is always to develop goals and appropriate measures for the future on a specific topic. An occasion can be, for example, a vision or strategy development, or a Location determination on the topic of automation. Even if cooperation in departments and teams is difficult, a workshop can be the first step towards change. We support you in this by designing and moderating the workshop to suit you. 

A vision and its path.

Are you reading this article as an entrepreneur or as an employee? Do you or the company you work for have a goal for the future - a vision? And if so, what is the way to realise this vision - your mission and the day-to-day implementation? With our Vision workshop format we can work with you and your team to develop and answer these questions.

Tessitura Workshop Visions

Cooperation requires working together.

Performance improvement is a team thing. For this, the team must know the goal and have a common understanding of it. Team processes are complex. The smooth functioning of a team depends on many other factors - which are especially amplified during change measures. With our Teambuilding workshop promote participation, common understanding but also togetherness. 

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Important impulses at the beginning of a change process.

Are you planning a change that affects the entire company or individual departments? To ensure that you do not encounter resistance, but that everyone works towards the common goal with the same understanding, we offer you an Workshop format as project impulse an. We get your key players who drive the change around the table and conduct a workshop for you using the LEGO® Serious Play method. Together we work out the project goal and the way to achieve it. After the workshop, we are committed to implementation.

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Markus Morawe is a certified LEGO® Serious Play facilitator and has already conducted many workshops using this method. His focus is on accompanying change measures. It is best to discuss how he can support you in your project directly and have him call you back: bridging together

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