Discover your
galaxy of print

Connect everything now

Discover your
galaxy of print

Connect everything now

Our mission: Your success.

Because only those who know their processes and make the flow of data and information visible and controllable across media disruptions can increase their efficiency, reduce costs and react flexibly to new requirements. Tessitura's Odeon Suite networks all of your company's printing and finishing machines with each other - regardless of whether they are modern or classic "heavy metal", whether from one or several locations. Because we have the "analogue digital heartbeat" that will revolutionise and intelligently network your entire production. With Odeon, we deliver the "Architecture to connect everything".

Odeon and the "Embrace Various Workflows Principle"

As with a real space mission, the right technology is also important in the "Galaxy of Print" - as well as perfect networking and communication. After all, in order to tap into new customers and markets, it is not only important to know their requirements and speak their "language", but first and foremost to know your own processes, information flows and individual workflows and to network them in such a way that they can be visualised at a central location and overall production can be optimised on the basis of the data obtained.

With Odeon, Tessitura offers a suite of software and hardware components that works according to the "Embrace Various Workflows Principle" and covers all software systems and machines in a print shop. Cross-manufacturer and cross-generational networked.

Odeon overcomes the time warp

Print shops generally use printing presses and finishing systems from different manufacturers and of different generations. Some have their own workflows, others do not. Some can be easily integrated into the in-house MIS/ERP system, others cannot - or only with difficulty. Some work with JDF and XMF and provide feedback on their production status, others do not. With Odeon and the new Odeon Talk communication protocol, Tessitura brings the entire machine park together in a Visual Factory, enabling not only an overview, but also the exchange and communication between the individual systems - and thus centralised automation.

Odeon opens up new worlds

Networking is not just an IT issue, but a cornerstone of a successful business model - and one that extends into all areas of the company. Networking must be strategically conceived, planned and implemented. Anyone who takes this into account will realise that internal communication improves and capacities are suddenly freed up to develop new concepts and business ideas. Or that the transparency of production data leads to weak points being recognised and rectified at an early stage and costs being reduced. The consistent and intelligent networking of machines, locations and software systems enables one thing above all else: access to completely new markets, customer groups or production processes - to a truly new world. "Galaxy of Print".

Odeon relies on partners - strong together

To realise the intelligent networking of print shops, Tessitura also relies on cooperation with machine manufacturers and software specialists - after all, the "Galaxy of Print" mission can only be successful if you have the right partners on board. By working closely with its partners, Tessitura can develop customised Odeon Workers - interfaces - that make it possible to integrate all of a print shop's machines and software systems centrally into one platform. By the way: Printing and finishing machines for which our Workers are already available can be recognised by the "Odeon ready" logo.

In an increasingly networked world, print shops must also work in a networked way in order to continue to operate successfully on the market. Integration platforms such as Odeon are also fundamentally important when it comes to benefiting as a print shop from the mass customisation megatrend."

Bernd Zipper, zipcon consulting

With Odeon, we help you to intelligently and consistently network, automate and digitally transform all process steps in your company. Simple, transparent, scalable - no matter how old your machines are or which manufacturer they come from.

Let's go on a mission together and talk about how we can help you discover your "Galaxy of Print". Arrange a quick and uncomplicated meeting with us!

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