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Bridging together! We already combine our software solutions with our consulting and process know-how and accompany you in the changes for your future.


Startup with 100 years of experience!

Tessitura GmbH is a very young company and part of the Steuber Group, one of the leading system providers in the printing and media industry in Germany. Under the motto "bridging together we have made it our mission to go different ways together with our customers. We teach machines and applications to communicate intelligently with each other and to automate recurring tasks. In this way, we streamline processes and shorten the distances your employees have to travel in order to exploit their full potential.


Everything in view

Of course, software alone cannot work miracles. An analysis of the existing processes is needed in advance. We do this together with you.

Software solutions


Software meets mechanical engineering.

The new press room of a print shop is networked. With our workflow system ODEON we intelligently link your press controls and software systems, providing your print shop with an infrastructure for building flow-controlled process automation.

Change management

How fit is your company?

What is your strategy for the future? Does your team know the direction and work together towards this goal? Are the new processes trained and effective? Is everyone in the boat together?

With our Performance Coaching we improve your company fitness and accompany you during your changes. So the future can come quietly.


Your problems - our solutions

In the daily routine of a print shop, one or the other question or task quickly arises. In our Solution Blog you will find valuable knowledge.

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