One Protocol.
One Language.

Odeon Talk becomes the new industry standard

Odeon Talk is a new communication protocol that can be used to visualise, edit and move all information and files from all machines and systems connected to the Odeon platform. Similar to the "universal communicator" in science fiction films, the task of Odeon Talk is to "translate" all production data quickly and without loss to standardised communication, regardless of the respective "machine language" - in both directions, away from the machine and towards the machine.

This makes Odeon Talk the centrepiece and basis for everything that the Odeon integration platform makes possible. As the new industry standard, the communication protocol overcomes all barriers caused by different programming languages or systems.

Odeon Talk also overcomes the communication warp to new print markets

With the Odeon platform and Odeon Talk, print shops can not only bring their internal production machines into line with a standardised "language" - new print markets can also be opened up easily thanks to the simple integration, control of and communication with new machines or production partners.

To stay with the image of the "Galaxy of Print": If you want to head for new planets in addition to your own print market - your planet - and thus successfully serve new target groups and markets, you need to know what makes these new markets "tick". Because without knowledge of the other "language", without knowledge of the needs and requirements of the other market, or without a suitable "translator", communication with one another becomes difficult, laborious and error-prone.

As a new communications and industry standard, Odeon Talk is able to close this communications warp, the "communications gap", and thus gives print companies the opportunity to transfer their business to new print markets.

Networked print shops talk Odeon Talk

As a kind of universal translator, Odeon Talk is active on several levels: internally and as a perfect duo with the Odeon Workers, the communication protocol ensures smooth interaction between all production systems within a company, both analogue and digitally controllable. The analogue digital heartbeat that this creates, together with the associated benefits, is both the driving force and the fuel for successfully tapping into additional markets and customer groups. Here too, Odeon Talk helps to overcome language and communication barriers. 

In our white paper, we go into more detail about the "Embrace Various Workflows Principle".

"Our task is to digitally activate all machines in the printing industry.
And that's what we're going to do."

Stephan Steuber,
Managing Director of
Heinrich Steuber GmbH & Co.

Vision Odeon as the operating system for print

Odeon and Odeon-Talk could serve as the new standard for networking in the printing industry by providing a comprehensive solution for the integration of machines and software applications. The seamless networking of data and processes enables efficient communication and collaboration between different systems and devices. To establish this standard, we are looking for partners who are committed to innovation in the printing industry and support the standards for networking and integration. Working with partners extends the reach of Odeon and Odeon-Talk, ensures their acceptance and enables continuous development to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Want to know more about the new industry standard? Then we should talk to each other!

With Odeon Talk, we help you to bring together all the production machines in your company in a single cloud-based platform - and also to successfully serve new markets. Do you have questions about how the new communication protocol works exactly? Then let's have a chat.

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