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Tessitura relies on strong partners.


Have you seen this sticker yet?

All products that are Odeon Ready receive this valuable hologram sticker and are directly recognisable.

With Odeon Ready, machines and software are equipped with our technology so that they are compatible with the Odeon Solution Ensemble, i.e. Odeon Ready. For printers likewise a real added value, as a machine or software can be directly networked within a production process and is compatible with our software modules.

ISAG's machinery becomes compatible with our solutions.

Imaging Solutions AG (ISAG) is a Swiss manufacturer specialising in customised solutions for the industrial processing, production and finishing of photos in the premium segment. These include the fully automated Viesus™ imaging software as well as modular systems for the automated production of on-demand photo prints, layflat books and canvas framing.

A worthwhile addition.

Obility is a print business platform that significantly increases the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes through the use of online technologies, automation and interfaces. For this purpose, Obility offers an MIS/ERP system, printshop and web-to-print solutions with intelligent print calculation, automated merchandise management, production control and document management, especially for the print medium. 

With Odeon, we complement the system with a bidirectional connection from Obility to production and from production back to Obility. 


Intuitive management information system

Keyline by Zaikio GmbH is an intuitive management information system (MIS) that enables quick and easy calculation and planning of print jobs. With its open interfaces, a user-friendly interface and a modular concept, it is optimally geared to the current and future requirements of the printing industry. Zaikio also offers a cloud-based data platform that enables data flows with various systems and machines.


We focus on integration.

Become an ODEON partner. With our platform-neutral middleware system Odeon, we offer press and software manufacturers in the printing industry the opportunity to cooperate with us as a partner.

Benefit from the extensive networking possibilities and better integration of your products via our system. Make your product ODEON-ready and gain access to a networked production environment for your customers.

Markus Morawe will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.

ODEON works with workers

Workers are the interfaces between our middleware LYNX and the machines or software applications involved in the production process in a printing plant.

In addition to our partners, with whom we live a special cooperation, we now have a large portfolio of workers that work with our technology.

We regularly add to this overview for you. If you are missing a machine or software that you would like to connect, please contact us.


varioPRINT iX

further all PrismaSync & JDF enabled machines

Muller Martini

Ventura MC Digital
Alegro Digital
Prestoll Digital
Diamond MC Digital

further all Connex 4.0 attached JDF enabled machines

Koenig & Bauer

Rapida 106

further all Logotronic API enabled machines


SM 102
CD 102
XL 106
XL 162

further all Prinect API enabled machines

Imaging Solutions Ag

fastFrame 1200+


Zaikio GmbH


Obility Ltd.


UTraxx AG





Brand Neo



Navision/Microsoft Dynamics