Come along.
Every mission needs good partners.

When it comes to the consistent and intelligent networking of print shops and the creation of a "Galaxy of Print", it's like a space mission: with the right partners on board, the journey to the infinite expanses and new planets is easy. We work closely with numerous manufacturers of printing and finishing systems, as well as software producers, so that we can develop the Odeon Worker precisely to the machines and software systems. 

Fancy a taste? We have already been able to convince these companies of our mission and "dock" them onto the Odeon platform:

Join the mission - become a partner of Odeon

Are you a manufacturer and interested in the "Galaxy of Print"? Then why not become a partner of the Odeon platform and let's go on a mission together to provide our customers with the best possible networking and automation. All it takes is an open exchange with each other, a transfer of expertise in interface technology and the mindset to jointly develop the best solution for our customers. On this basis, we can build powerful Odeon Workers together - and once this has been achieved, all your machines - whether for printing or print finishing - receive the "Odeon Ready" label. This gives our print shop customers the certainty at a glance that these production systems can be easily and securely integrated into the Odeon platform. Are you in? Then write to us or give us a call - and joy the mission!

"Our collaboration with partners is crucial to driving networking in the printing industry. Every partner that comes on board is not only part of our network, but also a co-creator of our vision"

Stephan Uder, Managing Director of
Heinrich Steuber GmbH & Co.
and Tessitura GmbH

Want to know more about a partnership with Tessitura? Then we should talk.

With Odeon, we support printing companies in intelligently and consistently networking and automating all process steps and transforming themselves digitally. Simple, transparent, scalable - no matter how old the machines are or which manufacturer they come from.

Let's go on a mission together and help our customers discover their "Galaxy of Print". Arrange a direct and uncomplicated meeting with us!