Architecture to connect everything

All Odeon modules and components are dedicated to one mission: to intelligently network all printing and finishing machines, software systems and workflows within a printing company. No matter which manufacturer they come from, how old they are or whether they are still purely analogue or can already communicate digitally.

The Odeon modules - from the Odeon Connect Box and the Odeon Worker to the Visualiser and Control applications - interlock precisely like cogwheels and can be put together according to the company's requirements.

If all modules are installed correctly, all performance data is visible on a single interface. Data can be recorded, processed and, if necessary, moved centrally - and recurring tasks and processes can be easily automated. Weak points can be recognised before they have an impact, and the in-depth analysis can increase overall efficiency, reduce costs and significantly increase competitiveness as a whole.

Five modules and one communication standard for your "Galaxy of Print"

Odeon Talk is not a separately selectable module, but rather a new communication protocol for the exchange within all machines and systems connected to the Odeon platform. Similar to the "universal communicator" in science fiction films, Odeon Talk's task is to "translate" all production data into standardised communication without loss or complication, regardless of the respective "machine language" - in both directions, away from the machine and towards the machine. This makes Odeon Talk the centrepiece and basis for everything that the Odeon integration platform makes possible. As the new industry standard, the communication protocol overcomes all barriers caused by different programming languages or systems.


Workers are the core module via which all interface-capable printing and finishing machines are integrated into the Odeon platform. From a purely technical point of view, these are interfaces that have been developed by Tessitura specifically for the system to be connected and enable the bidirectional exchange of information with the dashboard - the Odeon Visualiser - and the production control system (Odeon Control). In the context of the "Galaxy of Print", the Odeon Workers can be imagined as small shuttles that enable lightning-fast communication with all machines thanks to the Odeon Talk translation protocol.

Connect Box

Machine parks are often heterogeneous, which means that not all production machines have digital interfaces to be connected via Worker in Odeon. While it was previously not possible, or only partially possible, to integrate decades-old but still frequently used "heavy metal", such as the Heidelberg platen or cylinder, into an overall workflow, the Odeon Connect Box makes this child's play. The Odeon Connect Box is a physical IoT component that is attached to the analogue machines, measures the performance via sensors and transfers the data about the respective print job to the cloud-based Odeon platform. This enables seamless data integration and puts the analogue digital heartbeat into practice.


All production data, metrics and KPIs are recorded and displayed on the Odeon Visualiser in real time and on a user-friendly dashboard interface. This makes it possible to quickly recognise how overall production is in the company, where weak points are or - on the contrary - where trends are emerging. Thanks to the Odeon Visualiser, decisions such as a new investment or a reorganisation of the machine layout can be made on the basis of the current production data. The dashboard can also be accessed remotely from any location.


The Odeon Control module is based on the worker interfaces and the Odeon Visualiser and is the real centrepiece when it comes to controlling production and job data. Machine parameters can be adjusted as required or print jobs can be moved to other systems or even locations - in real time. Odeon Control can be used to automate recurring processes, define customised metrics and performance reports, identify and proactively avoid weak points and create individual notifications.


Anyone who wants to get an overview of the performance data directly on a production machine can install the Odeon Display, another hardware component in Tessitura's Galaxy of Print. All important production data can be shown in real time on the Odeon Display, which can be installed across all manufacturers. This gives operators and production managers a direct overview of the current status of the machines, even in the pressroom.

The Tessitura Analogue Digital Heartbeat overcomes time warp

With the help of the five modules, Odeon not only networks modern production machines with each other in a central platform, but also solves a major problem that has stood in the way of efficient and automated print production up to now: thanks to the Odeon Connect Box with the associated sensor technology and the Odeon Worker, all machine generations - whether old folding or cutting machines, platens or cylinders - can be integrated into a common platform with modern production systems.

12 Odeon advantages

Seamless data exchange between MIS / ERP and production

Real-time display
of all production-relevant data

Identification and implementation the intelligent, flow-controlled automation of recurring processes

Support for the operator in order handling thanks to a planning front end

Reliable post-calculation by recording all production data

Identification of weak points
and early countermeasures

Recognition of trends within the production and order structure

Decision support
by analysing the current production data in detail

Cost reduction
through higher automation

Greater flexibility,
to respond quickly to changes in customer requirements

Entering the megatrend
Mass customisation

Freeing up resources,
which can be used for the further development of the business model

With Odeon, you decide how we should settle up

Tessituras Odeon is a platform with different modules that can be put together individually according to your needs. You are just as flexible when it comes to billing, as you can decide for yourself how we bill you for the use of our solutions.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) - the entire platform is at your disposal

You want to use our cloud-based platform as a SaaS solution? No problem. You can use all of Odeon's functions and applications via a monthly or annual subscription fee. You can scale your business at any time without having to worry about whether the resulting increase in usage is covered by your payment model. You pay for the use of the entire platform

Pay-per-use - you only pay for what you use

Do you know your order structure exactly and only need some of the functions or do you only want to pay for what you actually use? Then our pay-per-use payment model is just right for you, because it keeps all your options open. Based on the amount of data processed, the functions and modules required and relevant metrics, you only pay for what you actually use. This allows you to familiarise yourself with the platform and use it in a way that is cost-efficient and transparent for you. And if your business grows rapidly, you can switch to one of the other two payment models at any time.

Hybrid payment model - percentage share of the generated turnover of the print job

The third payment model is a mixture of basic fee and revenue share. But don't be alarmed, this is not about your company turnover, but about the turnover of the orders that you have realised with the help of Odeon. In this payment model, we charge you a minimal percentage of this. So here too, you only pay for what you ultimately use, but not nominally linked to the number of orders, but to the order value of each individual print job. If you grow, we benefit from this and can continue to provide you with the best service. But if things don't go so well, you don't need to worry that fixed subscription fees could cause you additional problems.

Curious? Then we should talk

With Odeon, we help you to intelligently and consistently network, automate and digitally transform all process steps in your company. Simple, transparent, scalable - no matter how old your machines are or which manufacturer they come from.

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