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Odeon. Software meets mechanical engineering.

Odeon is the companion for the processes in a Smart Factory. All the software modules included are designed to support processes from order entry to delivery, to overcome media discontinuities and to automate recurring tasks in order to strengthen the printing industry for the changes of the future.

For a networked print shop: Odeon or JDF?

The Job Definition Format - JDF for short - set out to digitise the printing industry. In fact, however, even 20 years after the introduction of JDF, networking is a problem in that its definition is very wide-ranging. This has led in many places to incomplete implementations of JDF on the one hand and to dialect formation through manufacturers' own additions on the other. Cross-system networking is therefore often still not possible and confronts printers with a variety of problems that entail not only costs and time but also the problem of a lack of specialist knowledge.

Tessitura Odeon
Tessitura Odeon

This is exactly where our overarching software solution Odeon comes into play.

Odeon is the ideal companion for all processes in your print shop. Docked to your MIS, order processing extends from capture to delivery, from data to product or simply across all production steps. Odeon has a modular structure and can be adapted to the individual needs of your print shop.
In this way, we enable comprehensive networking of your production systems - without having to start from scratch every time.
In its final configuration and in the form of an automatically scaling cloud solution, Odeon can also be used in large printing plants or in system environments at many customers.

You can find more questions and answers in our FAQ.

Discover the Odeon modules

Tessitura Racoon

With Raccoon, you have a real-time view of machine data of any type in the production chain.

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Tessitura Badger Automation Software

With Badger, we provide you with a retrofit solution that integrates your machines that are not state of the art into your system network.

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Tessitura Lynx Process Automation Software

Our middleware provides your production environment with a new and powerful operating system.

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Tessitura Siskin Planning Software

Siskin is our front end for your production environment and thus digitally maps the orders to be produced in the planned sequence on the respective machine. This way you keep the complete overview.

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Tessitura Pike Cloud Interface

As a cloud system, Pike forms the bridge to interaction with other platforms or system landscapes.

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We focus on integration.

Become an ODEON partner. With our platform-neutral middleware system Odeon, we offer press and software manufacturers in the printing industry the opportunity to cooperate with us as a partner.

Benefit from the extensive networking possibilities and better integration of your products via our system. Make your product ODEOn-ready and gain access to a networked production environment for your customers.

Markus Morawe will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.