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Pike -
Cloud Bridge

As a cloud system, Pike forms the bridge to interaction with other platforms or system landscapes.

Tessitura Pike Cloud Interface

Pike: Your connection to the outside world.

Hello World.

PIKE works as a cloud service and provides interfaces and endpoints there. In this way, you can connect several locations with each other or connect your production environment to other platforms such as a cloud MIS or your customer's ERP system. In this way, you import orders from external systems or exchange information between your production environments across locations.

PIKE works perfectly with the other Odeon-modules together. That is why it is no problem to use cloud variants of Raccoon and Siskin about it.

Tessitura Pike

Application examples


Pike Benefits

With Pike, you create connections - between locations, systems and machines.

Connecting external systems

With Pike, you create an endpoint in the cloud that is centrally accessible from different locations. This allows you to connect external partner systems, exchange and route data.

IT security and fail-safe infrastructure

By eliminating inbound connections on your network, Pike keeps your IT systems secure. Highly redundant systems also provide a much more resilient infrastructure. By buffering process steps, failures of your systems and infrastructure can be bridged.

Operate further ODEON modules in the cloud

Use Pike to operate individual ODEON modules such as SISKIN or RACCOON in the cloud and make them easily available externally.

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