Start-up with 100 years of experience.

Welcome to Tessitura. Under the motto "bridging together" we have made it our mission to go different ways together with you. We teach your machines and applications to communicate intelligently with each other and to automate recurring tasks. In this way, we streamline your processes and shorten the paths of your employees, so that you can finally exploit your full potential again.

Tessitura Philosophy

Why Tessitura?

In a singer, the tessitura is the area of the vocal range that is usable for musical expression. We focus what we do precisely on the area that gives you the most benefit.

Tessitura in Italian means tying, braiding, weaving. We link your requirements with our Software solutions and are also available to advise you when it comes to company-wide changes.

We see ourselves as bridge builders and link your processes intelligently so that they become efficient and usable for your future: bridging together.

Tessitura and Steuber.
Just good friends.

The Mönchengladbach-based company has been supplying system solutions for the printing and media industry of the future for almost 100 years. And today their motto is more appropriate than ever: "Whatever the future brings, we will continue to support printers with our individual solutions.
"Integrated systems that enable automated processes are another feature with which the Steuber Group wants to shape the future," says Stephan Steuber, Managing Partner.
In 2021, therefore, a new milestone has been set with Tessitura GmbH.

says Stephan Steuber, Managing Partner.

Steuber - the system house for the print and media industry

Steuber delivers system solutions for the print and media industry of the future. Our motto fits better than ever: whatever the future brings, we will support you with individual solutions for digital prepress, sheetfed offset, web offset, digital printing, the entire range of print finishing as well as banding and packaging.


Tessitura and software.
Simply a good connection.

With our software products we make use of digitalisation: "By teaching the machines and applications of a print shop to communicate intelligently with each other and to take on recurring tasks, we not only open up new business models. Above all, we streamline processes and shorten the paths taken by employees in order to exploit the full potential of a company. We accompany our customers from the Process analysis to the successful implementation of the change," says Markus Morawe, Managing Director of the company.

Among other things, our workflow system offers ODEON the users flow-controlled process automation, a Real-time monitoring of all production-relevant data and a Planning frontendwhich supports the machine operator in handling his jobs. For older machines, the Tessitura offers with BADGER an automation-ready kit to integrate them into the existing machine park.

Markus Morawe

Markus is the Managing Director of Tessitura and responsible for the operational business.

He is 47 years old and has his roots in Dortmund. In the meantime he can look back on more than 20 years of management experience and has been in the printing industry since 2004.

During this time, he built up and managed various departments. These included marketing, information technology, prepress, digital printing and lettershop. In his last position he was responsible for the sales and digitalisation of a sheetfed offset printing company in the Ruhr area and accompanied the company on its way into the future.

He has been with Tessitura since February 2021 and, together with his team, creates the framework conditions on which a company can develop successfully.

If you have any questions for Markus or about the Tessitura, just get in touch.

Stephan Uder

Stephan is the managing director of Tessitura and its parent company, the Heinrich Steuber management company. He is 53 years old and lives with his family in Augsburg. His roots are in Saarland, and his professional career has also taken him abroad to England and France, among other places.

After graduating, he took his first professional steps in the purchasing department of a large trading company in the fastening technology sector, which took him to Asia, among other places.

His first steps in the printing industry and in sales were learned in Augsburg with a manufacturer of printing presses. He has now been doing international work as well as special tasks and building up new business fields for more than 10 years. At the same time he managed large organisational units.

He accompanies and supports the Tessitura team on its still young path.

Do you have any questions for Stephan? Then simply contact him.

Stephan Eckner

Stephan is Technical Director and Product Developer at Tessitura. He is 50 years old and lives in Münsterland. He learned his profession as a data processing clerk at an Agfa system house before gaining 18 years of experience in production in the printing industry. This primarily included the development and management of prepress as well as the management of the printing, quality management and information technology departments.

His main focus is on system connectivity, automation and process optimisation in these areas. The disillusionment arising from experience and difficulties on the one hand and the needs of printers on the other in these subject areas finally led to the fundamental idea of a platform-neutral Middleware Systems. This was the basic idea for ODEON born.

Do you have any questions for Stephan? Then you can easily reach him.

Tessitura Stefan Schifferdecker

Stefan Schifferdecker

Stefan is a consultant for process and project management at Tessitura and our link between product development, sales and our customers.

He is 34 years old and lives with his wife in the middle of the Ruhr area in Essen.

The trained media designer and media specialist has worked for more than 6 years in pre-press/CtP and 7 years in sales and customer consulting. He was able to accompany the MIS introduction at his last companies twice.

Stefan used to ensure "that paper becomes colourful", now he supports them in making their processes more efficient, networking the existing systems and thus relieving the employees in production and administration. In this way, he ensures that potentials within their company can be better exploited.

Since September 2022, he has strengthened the steadily growing Tessitura team.

Do you have any questions for Stefan? Then simply get in touch.

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